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I was a Marine for twenty years. I spent 14 years as a Recon Marine and six years as a broadcast journalist, focusing on long-form feature stories. Most of my artistic work is heavily influenced by my service, and I am constantly exploring that theme in my writing, music, and video work.


My most recent short documentary film is called Okinawa American. It's a story about two highly accomplished musicians from different cultural backgrounds who have spent years combining American blues and roots music with traditional Okinawan music to create a unique sound.

Okinawa Americana Poster.jpg

Black Diamonds


A story about Recon Marines from the same unit, who have reunited every year since their deployment to Afghanistan in 2010. They climbed a mountain in 2019 with their wounded, and the climb raised more than seventy thousand dollars to help service members in need. 

Black Diamonds Poster.jpg

Always Beside You

This song was done in one take in an empty amphitheater. I used three cameras and mixed the audio from all three sources. I shot some B-roll onsite, and there is some dive footage I shot of the USS Emmons to fill out the theme of the video.







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